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Hprofile - Hardware and system profiles  v.2.0.beta2

A set of bash scripts implementing hardware and system profiles for linux. Configuration files may be switched and scripts run dependent on the state of things such as hardware configuration, power management, or network

Mademo  v.1.0

Mademo is an interpreter parsing a graph based language. The aim is toautomate management tasks. The project includes a documentation ofthe language and the

MUCLM - My Uber Cool LDAP Manager  v.1.6.7

An advanced web-based LDAP manager that has object-specific editors. In addition, one can easily extend or create new editors. It has a plugin engine which allows you to integrate your most common user/access management tasks into muclm's

Powermgr  v.0.0.10

powermgr is a Perl script that glues together all the aspects of power management on a Linux system and allows the system to switch between power "profiles" based on the state of the system (e.g., battery capacity, load average,

Waik for Windows  v.beta1

Waik is a useful system utility for power management of your PC. It is written for Windows, and it features automatic stand by mode, shutdown, and even waking up from sleeping(stand by) mode at the set by you

A Ticket, a Task Kit  v.1.0

"A Ticket, A Task Kit" is a database/interface project to provide an Open Source solution for theatrical ticket sales management and other theatrical house management tasks.

IPower  v.1.0

i-Power is an intelligent power management software for Microsoft Windows Vista/7. It enables you to choose current power plan or can switch them automatically when you plug-in your computer. It also displays a cool power icon.

Smarted Project Manager for XOOPS  v.1.0

SPM for XOOPS is a set of XOOPS modules (collaboration management, document management, tasks organizer, events calendar, etc) to manage projects and all related tasks with them.

EProject  v.1.0

eProject has been developed specifically for small / medium sized architectural office, to assist in managing the practice and projects. It provides you with a complete integrated system addressing most day to day management tasks.

Scrum-it  v.1.0

Scrum-it supports all your management tasks in agile projects and is the interface between the digital and the real world.

Liferay Flex Community Facade  v.1.0

A facade for the existing Liferay community management function built in Flex for cleaner UI. Intended to enable the accomplishment of user group management tasks in more straightforward manner.

Jomega is a JNI extension of IBM J9 JVM  v.1.0

JOmega is a Open Source Java Mobile J9 Extension This LGPL library is a JAVA-JNI-C++ extension of J9 IBM Java Virtual Machine CDC for WinCe. It provides low level power management support, sound and a SQL database based on Sqlite.

Aptdaemon  v.0.40

Aptdaemon allows normal users to perform package management tasks, e.

Laptop Mode Tools  v.1.60

Allows you to control various power management settings based on AC/battery power state.

PBButtons  v.0.6.10

PBButtons is a programm suite to support special functions of laptops and notebooks like power management, hotkeys, battery supervisor, etc.

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